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Poster: LAJ Date: Jul 30, 2005 2:56am
Forum: netlabels Subject: EXPERIMEDIA Netlabel; Diverse Listening

A stream of exceptional and diverse listening from the EXPERIMEDIA catalogue releases
available at

Website Link:

PLAYLIST [M3U attachment follows]:

__ Milieu - Gunkajima [exp017]

1. Approaching
2. Blind Horse Whipped by the Dead
3. Steepest Tower

__ jbible || The Journey Of Enoch LP [exp005]

4. The Distance Between
5. He Still Stands in the Shadow of Man

__ jbible || Greatest Hits LP [exp000]

6. shalieS un

__ Fieldtriqp - Eidolon EP [exp020]

7. Eidolon
8. False Start

__ Amoeba With Mouth - Self Titled EP [exp009]

9. Color of Morning
10. Nomad

__ Dissolved - Poltertic Beauty Erosion EP [exp018]

11. Owner of a Fading Sense
12. You Are The Cambrian Sea

__ Vhom - Vhom LP [exp021]

13. valv_3m47s_006
14. avtobeldt_10m3s_019

__ Loafeye - Life After Lite LP [exp008]

15. Natural Breathing
16. Code Speak

__ Milieu || Slow Lid Close LP [exp011]

17. Blue Skies Found
18. Autumn Fog Lifts

__ Plantre || Tunnel Of A Centillion Millipede Legs EP [exp010]

19. Atmos Wurm

__ Awt - Winter and Spring LP [exp016]

20. Lady
21. Click Garden

__ Mosca - Fire & Insurrection [exp015]

22. Fire & Insurrection

__ Phase For Stereo - Flashfreeze EP [exp019]

23. Flashfreeze

__ Helen Keller - Electro Ohio LP [exp013]

24. Final Notice

__ Silo Romano - Vacant Window EP [exp012]

25. The Witness

__ Project 65 || Alchemy And His Superannuation EP [exp007]

26. Pythagorean Polyphony

__ Idee Fixe || Ideas as Music EP [exp006]

27. Blue Skies

__ In Broken Key || Autumn Birth LP [exp002]

28. Goodbye Window

__ Tangible - In Dream Bliss EP [exp003]

29. Hillside Shade Radioactive

__ Jed Whitaker - Bomb Money Ether [exp014]

30. Infosomatics

__ Mesu Kasumai - Hot Fucking Date EP [exp004]

31. 2300


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Poster: tibbar Date: Jul 30, 2005 12:38pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: EXPERIMEDIA Netlabel; Diverse Listening

whats not to like?
these guys are gregarious and kind people, they all have a great sense of collaboration and helping other artists along. jeremy is a saint, in my book.

people should also check out earstroke (run by the ALWAYS on time luke hazard) & metanoia (you dont HAVE to check out metanoia, but its a personal plug ;P)

PS: the tunes are the shiznite as well

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Poster: Plantre Date: Jul 30, 2005 1:30pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: EXPERIMEDIA Netlabel; Diverse Listening

LAJ, tibbar, thank you.

experimedia is my favorite community on the net. i hope it gets huge. i am honored to be a part of it.